Transformational coach


I offer you everything you need
to live a fulfilled life
in connection with pure Source.

For many years, I lived a life of limitations.
I freed myself from the burden
knowing it was not who I truly was.

I support you in the same journey
holding your hand
because together it is much easier.

What I have to offer you

I provide a rare quality that many people, especially men, seem to long for:
Embodying the inner balance between masculine and feminine
This means, I find strength in my gentleness and transparency.

I merge/combine directness with the presence of listening
and intuitively feeling into your needs,
which brings you closer to your own core essence.

From there, you will be able to move forward in life
in a more open, powerful, certain and trusting way.

You will live your life from an open heart,
combining all three levels of spirit, heart and life energy.

Your point of view will change
from being goal oriented to being source oriented.
You will shift from a consuming mentality
towards someone with a creative and giving lifestyle.

If you realize that personal transformation
is the key to heart based leadership
you will become one of the pioneers this world so desperately needs.

What I offer

One on one — 60min session
Private session on video call (Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger) for one hour. During this session we work with what is currently going and what life is inviting you into.

I feel into what you are saying, reading between the lines as well, and intuitively ask further questions, guide you from the mind to the heart and to the source of who you are.

Intensive journey — 4 weekly 60min sessions
A journey stretching out over one month where we have a one on one session each week for one month. This way, we can go deeper and look at some patterns more closely, since some patterns take a bit more time to deconstruct.

Usually, after one month, it is good to take a break and let the sessions continue to do their work.


[TRANSLATION] Thank you, Matthias, so grateful to feel my essence so deeply again, from here everything is soft. What a valuable things you have shared with me! It already feels so different. My husband is connecting with me immediately and I can be there from my essence and need nothing anymore. What freedom! Thank you. Love R

I had a deep first session with Matthias, who brings to his coachings a wonderful balance of intuitive sensitivity and compassion spiced with a good sense of when to let you drop your mind’s explanations and instead simply drop into your feeling presence. Thank you for your presence and vibe, Matthias. Deeply appreciated!
This Being is a Gift, especially for very sensitive Beings. He is uniquely capable of guiding you through your inner restrictions and then out, to *shine* Your light in the world. — in appreciation of your expression dear Matthias.

Donate to work with me

I work completely on donation base. You choose the amount you feel and what you can genuinely afford according to your situation. You can always donate more later. After your donation, I will contact you to make an appointment through email, Whatsapp or SMS.

Sessions are done through Skype, Facebook Messenger or Facetime, in English or in Dutch. Sessions on location are possible in Maldegem, Belgium or by appointment in the center of the Netherlands. 

With the form below you can donate with a Debit or Credit card. You can also use this link and donate through iDeal or Sofort.


You are not afraid of change, since movement is your true nature.

You are only afraid of moving in the wrong direction.