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My name is Matthias

I am a free spirit, adventurer, transformational and relationship coach,
wanderer, friend and much more.

I offer you everything you need
to live a fulfilled life
in connection with pure Source.

For many years, I lived a life of limitations.
I freed myself from the burden
knowing it was not who I truly was.

I support you in the same journey
holding your hand
because together it is much easier.

I offer one-on-one sessions
and organize retreats, sessions and online courses about relationships with my beloved Evi Maes.

I am there for you if you

want to discover a deeper level of Consciousness; 
want to create a life of fulfillment;
want to live from your essence, authenticity and calling;
show leadership from the heart;
want to use the power of the win-win principle optimally;
want to come home to yourself.

Chances of success will increase when

you have the courage to look within for the strength behind your shadow;
you have the willingness to change your perspectives;
your body and your focus are relaxed.

Examples of how I can support you

  • in transforming your anger and aggression into strength
  • in finding meaning and purpose in life
  • in leading from the heart
  • in gaining more peace with your emotions
  • in experiencing your true Essence
  • in growing into another way of parenthood
  • in transforming shame around sexuality
  • in dealing with jealousy
  • in finding hope in disappointing situations

My strength

I do not need many words to express the essence of things. I can listen well and be present. I can feel the relevance of a story quickly. My approach is full of compassion and understanding, together with creating clarity. I can feel people well and keep the necessary distance at the same time.

I have learned to keep my mouth shut when it is not relevant; and to open my mouth when I intuitively feel that something can be said. I intuitively feel if someone receives something important that is said. I prefer a light and down-to-earth view on problems.

My approach

Sometimes I let someone tell their story when I feel that it is important for them to be heard. The insights someone needs, often come by itself. There are moments that I feel an emotion for someone who cannot easily feel it themselves. Often, this breaks open what is needed. This is the feminine aspect of my approach.

Other times, it feels more relevant to interrupt someone’s story to give an insight that is outside of their current view. Many times, there are limiting beliefs that are hard to see and makes you go in circles. I also have limiting beliefs that are coming to the surface, of course. It will be a life long exercise and deepening. The result is that there will be more joy and freedom in life. This is a more masculine aspect of my appraoch.

Blending these feminine and masculine aspects is an art form, which I really enjoy to finetune in every interaction I have. For more in depth exploration of the feminine–masculine theme, see Evi’s website of Being Love and Beauty.

You are not afraid of change, since movement is your true nature.

You are only afraid of moving in the wrong direction. 

The way I look at life


Through the years, I have discovered that I am always carried by Life itself. It is not always easy to feel that, especially around your own blind spots. That is why it can be very helpful to interact with someone that can feel that support when you do not feel it yourself.

In life, you often get back what you send out. Your perspective of your situation determines how you feel. Feeling stuck because of a certain decision, is always the result of your perspective and not of your decision. There is always a possibility for another choice. There is always hope. You don’t have to stay small. You are the one that is responsible for that, but we easily forget.

For me, relationship is the interaction between carrying each other (safety) and challenge each other to break out of old patterns so fresh energy and inspiration can flow again.  

About me

  • I am extremely fascinated by the intelligence–beauty of Life.
  • I am no longer looking for essential questions and silence — in different forms — is coming home to me.
  • I love sleeping outside and I cannot resist getting wet in a downpour on a hot summer day
  • Real friendship and intimate communication is very important for me in a relationship
  • I feel a strong connection met something bigger than myself.
  • From a young age, I have been fascinated by the power of moving images and sound.
  • Experimenting with flavors is a way to express my creativity.
  • Letting raw vegan ‘cheese’ cake melt on my tongue — or extra dark chocolate, or a ripe avocado — is pure enjoyment to me.
  • Most of the pain that I have been able to see consciously, has transformed into inner wisdom.


Thank you, Matthias, so grateful to feel my essence so deeply again, from here everything is soft. What a valuable things you have shared with me! It already feels so different. My husband is connecting with me immediately and I can be there from my essence and need nothing anymore. What freedom! Thank you. Love R

I had a deep first session with Matthias, who brings to his coachings a wonderful balance of intuitive sensitivity and compassion spiced with a good sense of when to let you drop your mind’s explanations and instead simply drop into your feeling presence. Thank you for your presence and vibe, Matthias. Deeply appreciated!
This Being is a Gift, especially for very sensitive Beings. He is uniquely capable of guiding you through your inner restrictions and then out, to *shine* Your light in the world. — in appreciation of your expression dear Matthias.

Book your session

Book a session if you feel you want to go to the next stage of your evolution.

First sessions are donation based. You pay according to what it is worth to you. If you want to do a trajectory, we will find a price that feels good to both of us.

Sessions are done through Skype or Facebook Messenger, in English or in Dutch. Sessions at location are possible in Lier, Belgium or by appointment in the Netherlands.

13 + 5 =

Coaching with music

I also give sessions with intuitive piano playing.

People relax automatically when they listen to my music.

It is an accessible way to start deep processes in a gentle way.

Depending on your needs we can dive into a specific theme with the help of music.

Piano sessions are available online or  in person.

A sessions takes 90 minutes and costs €95.